September means skin care and I don’t play around. At all. Like seriously, if you know me and I’ve not made you repeat the words “skin care is important” then I don’t rate you, sorry.

Usually at this point in the year the weather is starting to take a turn which means make or break for my skin. I suffer with really dry skin from into autumn through winter.

Read below for the products my thirsty skin has used up this month!

Pixi Beauty Hydrating Mist

PIXI Skintreats Hydrating Milky Mist:

A light weight mist packed with hyaluronic acid. Helps attract water and maintain moisture levels in your skin throughout the day. Just shake and spritz over your moisturiser and go!

The combination of black oat, provitamin A and linoleic acid works to relieve redness and sooth irritations whilst keeping cells topped up with moisture helping to over all reduce fine lines and give a more fresh and youthful appearance. 

Pixi Beauty

PIXI Skintreats Rose Glow Mist:

Rose, avocado and argan, kinda sounds like breakfast at ELAN Cafe but its actually 3 of the 7 flower oils packed into this pretty pink packaging!

The mist helps replenish moisture deep in the dermal layer of your skin. Perfect for before makeup use as it helps improve elasticity whilst helping guard your skin from makeup residue, pollution and much more.

I use it before makeup for a smooth surface and after makeup to amp up my glow!

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