You guys should know I’m all about supporting small businesses and I LOVE all things candles and wax melts. So you’ll understand how excited I was to find Flossies Candles on insta.

Flossies Candles has been run by the lovely Sarah since 2015. They specialise is, you guessed it, candles and wax melts with long lasting scents. The best thing ever!

I chose a mix of the halloween and christmas seasonal scents available on their website. Its never too early for Santa’s Cookies!

I picked:

I was super nice and added links to the products for you to easily shop my favourite smells. I really do spoil you guys don’t I.

If I could only have one scent burning for the rest of my life I would be Pumpkin Pecan Waffles! Oh my goodness it smells amazing! I’ve taken a least 3 deep breaths whilst writing this post because of how good my whole room smells right now.

Not only do Flossies Candles wax melts smell good enough to eat and last for ages, seriously I’ve burned this melt twice now, they’re bigger than any others I’ve purchased. You could half them, which might come in handy for smaller wax melt burners and have twice the fun in a good smelling home!

If you’re ever looking for gorgeous scents to warm up your home then I can’t recommend Flossies Candles enough! Plus look at how cute these lil wax guys are! Santa has my heart right now, followed by gingy the gingerbread man.

Let me know if you pick anything up from Flossies Candles below and let me know your favourite wax melt or candle scent cause I’m nosy and always up for finding new smells!

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